New York Comic Con 2016

Big Thanks to all who stopped by. Im back home in Chicago writing my thank you post!

The whole show was awesome. Always amazed at how many people show up to comic shows in general. But this show was massive.  Starting off my thanks  is to Mike Negin  who runs a top notch Artist Alley always great.  Big  thanks to Katie Enos  and the Pop Reed crew. Everyone was so welcoming. Greats seening  my awesome Aw Yeah bros at the show. ART, FRANCO KURT and SCoot!  BIG UPs to the rest of the awesome guys and  gals at artist alley creating awesome product.  Heading to New York and running the tables and making  new Sofa kingdom product  is always awesome with the  help with my brother from another Shariff. BIg Thanks for being supportive and motivating to create. Happy to see his work progress  with Trash Panda , Leeroy and Tewliagar the dolphin . ANNND Big thanks for all supporting The ELEMENT FACTOR & ALLEY CAT.  awesome to get any feed back on my creations. Looking forward to the next shows and my return to New York.


Alleycat orange envy


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